2013 in Anime

Japanese Anime is one of the most decent art and entertainment productions in the world. I started watching anime thoroughly after I was fascinated by Studio Ghibli’s films. This year I grow even fonder towards anime and I’ve been having a lot of feelings: happiness, sadness, excitement, sentiment, etc. And naturally I grow fonder to Japanese language. These are 13 notable anime of 2013. Continue reading “2013 in Anime”

Matt Smith’s and Karen Gillan’s Very Last “Doctor Who” Moment


Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) re-united on Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor. It was the very last episode of Matt Smith portraying The Doctor since season 5 in 2010. Gillan’s character, Amy Pond, actually was trapped in endless time-loop (or might as well died) on mid-season 7, December 2012, in NYC. I literally cried my eyes out back then, and I did again just now. I’ve been fan of this show for 3 years, and Smith and Gillan are, without a doubt, an emotionally iconic pair! Goodbye, Raggedy Man. Goodbye, the Girl Who Waits. Now they’re both no longer on the show, I’m not sure I still have it in me the will to watch season 8 next year. [link out: instagram]

Grow a Day Older

Twenty two. That’s a lot of number. God graces me more than I deserve. I never imagined I’d reach this age, become adult, let alone grow old. It is more like I don’t want to picture myself being a grown up, to be exact. I don’t understand why people must grow up. Growing up a year older for me feels like growing up a day older. It’s frightening how, at some points, growing up 22 years feels like growing up 22 days. Life is a flash. It’s a gazillion worth of moments yet it flashes in a speed of light. If I have to recall what part of me that may have changed, they probably be… the way I’m thinking? the way I’m writing? I’m still as lazy as usual. I also don’t think my musical taste is that different from last year. Oh wait! I only read ONE novel this year. That’s worse than last year. See. What I mean is that if I ever did change from what I was last year, it happened six feet under my skin. It is so deep I can’t sense it. My senses are dull for those gazillion moments flashing in a speed of light underneath my skin. I barely grow a day older.


I had a very unpleasant day again. My temperature peaked again. My head hurts. My eyes feels pretty heavy. I’m having a nasal congestion. The right maxillae feels so heavy and painful. My breaths are deep and fast. The fact that my respiratory tract getting more sensitive makes every inhalation feel worse and worse. My body is hurting on many parts.

I don’t have urge to study. What will become of my exams.