Annie and Manhattan

August 11, 2011

Once upon a dream, there were a boy named Manhattan and a girl named Annie. She loved him so much with all her heart. And Manhattan was nothing but nice and lovely to her all the time. Annie was pretty sure, without a slight of hesitation, that Manhattan would finally declare his pure and everlasting love to her.

All days and nights Annie waited for him to say the words. She had been waiting with an unbelievable kind of patience and smiles. In other hand, Manhattan gave back her kindness and smiles with his lovely way of act, like he usually did but more.

But as my dream started to fade away, Manhattan never said to Annie the words she desperately wanted to hear. They remained nothing but a lovely┬ánothing. Continue reading “Annie and Manhattan”


what did you do?
wonder where your heart came from.
what have you done?
my only friend keep on wonder or leave;
turn into winter light;
keeping your strength when it gets dark at night.

what you’re feeling is what I’m feeling too.
what you’re made of is what I’m made of too.
what are you afraid of? I know what you are.