understanding. motion. conclusion.


Today the official website of Durarara!! revealed that Durarara!!x2 will be split into 3 cours! The first cour, entitled Durarara!!x2 Shou (Understanding), will air on starting January 2015. The second cour, entitled Durarara!!x2 Ten (Motion), will be air on July 2015. And finally the final cour, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu (Conclusion), will air on January 2016. Can you believe this? 39 episodes, split into 3 cours, and scattered through out the whole 2015 and Winter of 2016. This is definitely a feast for my long Durarara!!-related starvation!

Look at those characters in the new Durarara!!x2 PV! The old characters and their voice actors that I’ve been missing, as well as the excitingly new characters, all I can’t wait to see.

First, we got THE MAN a.k.a. the sadistic Orihara Izaya. Hiroshi Kamiya, rock on kudasai!

The Orihara twins finally comes out! They seem sweet.

Ryugamine Mikado the colorless guy! Can’t wait to see how you’ve grown baby!

The freshman, Kuronuma Aoba. He’s an admirer Mikado, I reckon.

I think Celty Sturluson, the Black Rider, is finally falling for Kishitani Shinra. Look at that wide smile of him. Fukujun, nice going!

SONOHARA ANRI and her big boobs! HANAZAWA KANA-SAMA, I’ll always worship you.

Erika and Walker. Yuki Kaji looks goofy in this.

The Yagari-neechan. Namie you look sad darling.

And. Woops. That not so innocent peck. Lovely.

But… WHERE IS THE STRONGEST MAN IN IKEBUKURO, HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO, GONE TO? I could definitely hear Ono Daisuke’s roar in the PV! I bet they’re saving him for a future surprise.

Kami-sama, I can’t wait for this. Winter 0f 2015. What a perfect timing.