2014 in albums

2014 in album

BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé (2013)
This majestic album can be my favorite forever. There is nothing I hate from this album. From December last year to December this year, I can’t stop liking this album.

Hydra by Within Temptation (2014)
Finally with this album, WT is back to their original sound only fresher than ever. Honestly I don’t enjoy The Unforgiving (2011) that’s why this album is such a good relief.

If You Wait by London Grammar (2013)
I’ve got a new favorite band and they happen to be from the UK again. It’s London Grammar. I define this band sound mostly between electronic ad trip-hop. Hannah Reid’s vocal is very strong and sometimes eerie too. As a debut album If You Wait is a strong record that surely gives out a good impression. This album was a playlist to my Hong Kong trip on winter earlier this year.

Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss (2007)
At the 2009 Grammy Awards, people rooted for Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends” to win Album of the Year. But, the unexpected happened. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss won instead with their collaborative album “Raising Sand”. I know this duo don’t get an internationally major recognition, but listen carefully to this album. You’d understand how magic happened when Led Zeppelin’s frontman and the most Grammy-winning female artist joined forces producing music and it’s classic!

A Perfect Contradiction by Paloma Faith (2014)
Paloma Faith invited Pharrell, the last year coolest producer, to produce her 3rd album. It’s an amazing R&B/Soul album.

New Eyes by Clean Bandit (2014)
Clean Bandit is this UK amazing new act of 2014. They produce the hippest electronic music this year by combining it with cello and violin. Have you seen the “Rather Be” music video yet? It’s beautiful! It’s a number one single in UK, also one of the Billboard’s best songs in 2014. From the whole album I adore the track “Extraordinary (feat. Sharna Bass)”.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay (2014)
Coldplay like doing experimental projects. This year they decided to produce downtempo and melancholic sound and that’s Ghost Stories all about. There’s this phenomenal “Sky Full Of Stars” produced by Avicii and sounds euphorically different than anything Coldplay ever made.

x by Ed Sheeran (2014)
There’s nothing to unlike from this adorable guy! I’m not at the point where I can sing a long to all of the tracks in this album. I love this album fairly and I think he deserves a nomination in Grammy’s Album of the Year.

I Never Learn by Lykke Li (2014)
3 years since the sophomore album “Wounded Rhyme” in 2011 which is painfully perfect, overwhelming, and deeply wintery album. “I Never Learn” sounds exactly like a sequel tragedy to “Wounded Rhymes” but it sounds more autumnal than wintery. In this album Li still sounds amazing and contains an immense power. “I Never Learn” is named as one of 10 best albums in 2014 by Billboard.

1000 Forms of Fear by Sia (2014)
Sia has been actually existing since early 2000s but it’s a shame people only start recognizing her when David Guetta’s Titanium became hits. 1000 Forms of Fear marks her 5th major release. According to her it was only an experimental project
she started but it turns out to get exceptional receptions. I adore Sia’s incomparable songwriting skill. “Chandelier” has been named as the Best Song in 2014 by Billboard. I’m rooting for it to win 2015 Grammy’s Song of the Year.

Lights Out by Ingrid Michaelson (2014)
The unspeakably epic album “Human Again” still lingered when this album came out. “Human Again” is that kind of sentimental pop record that you’d like to hear in the morning, but “Lights Out” is happier, stronger, powerful record that is more suitable for autumn or nighttime.

Gypsy Heart Side A EP by Colbie Caillat (2014)
When I first heard this EP, I was so surprised that Colbie changed her genre. Still pop, but from the before beach acoustic pop music into more synthesized and R&B-ish music. But I gotta hand it to her, it works. Now she sounds fresher than ever!

Oz by Missy Higgins (2014)
“Oz” is the kind of project I adore. Missy Higgins curated songs from Australia’s notable artists and covered them in one album. Hence, the title is Oz. It’s all Australia. Besides an album, Higgins also wrote a book with the same name containing 14 stories in which the first word of every story begins with the first word from the respective track. It’s a shame, I haven’t read the book.

TRXYE EP by Troye Sivan (2014)
Since the rise of New Zealand sweetheart, Lorde, NZ talented musicians are starting to get more recognition. Troye Sivan is one  of them. Troye is originally a Youtube performer and release his first musical production, an EP called TRXYE. The EP contains 5 amazing tracks that give that feeling of a suburban kid doing somethinh amazing. Troye Sivan is a very promising new act, no kidding.

Little Machines by Lights (2014)
It’s kinda tricky saying about this album. Because her sophomore album gave a bigger impact than this one.

BLUE by iamamiwhoami (2014)
this multimedia project called iamamiwhoami never cease to amaze me. distinctly different from the previous project “kin” (2013), from january to october 2014 they release 5 singles along with the music video. and finally in november the album was released followed by 5 remaining music videos.

Prism by Katy Perry (2013)
I was one year late when I first thoroughly listen to this album. One, because I was preoccupied by Gaga’s artpop last year and two, I was so skeptical with this album. But I was wrong. Katy Perry has done a great job making this album.

1989 by Taylor Swift (2014)
One of the trendiest topics discussed this year is Princess T.S.’s shocking decision to change genre from Country to Pop. A lot of people are skeptical and sending more hate to here. But I still believe in her. And look at how 1989 is doing. The biggest first week sale since Eminem’s 2002 “The Eminem Show.” Also the biggest sale in 2014.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists (2014)
I must say this soundtrack album is euphoric and beyond amazing. It sounds completely different like the two previous soundtracks which contains music from alternative-rock liners and several country and pop. This album is full of alternative-electronic sounds. It only happens when the 18 y.o. (no really, she’s actually 318 y.o.) Ella Yelich-O’Connor, as the sole curator of the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack, works her magic. Listening to this album is like having a little taste of what Lorde’s most personal-magical playlists be like. I mean, she personally picked the musicians who got to fill in the playlists of these fourteen incredible tracks! and I think London Grammar could’ve been fit perfectly in it.

SHADYXV by Various Artists (2014)
Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Eminem’s record label, Shady Records, this king of Detroit nailed his curations. Slim, you’ve come this far. I grew up along with your creations, from i first saw you on mtv til today when mtv isn’t significant anymore. I can see you’ve grown from a cynical brat to a wise man.

The London Sessions by Mary J. Blige (2014)
The so-called journey of self-healing Blige made to London was also meeting bunch of UK musicians in the process: Sam Smith, Emily Sandé, Disclosure, etc. And this album happened: a mix of ballad and electronic tracks. It sounds nice.
Listen by David Guetta (2014)
No one can produce beats the way David Guetta does. Still as powerful as “Nothing But The Beat”, only this time the album is lyrically stronger, since his divorce with Cathy inspires the production of this album. And the feature artists are amazing themselves.

Wonder Where We Land by SBTKRT (2014)
This is an electronic music project coming from UK. Most of the tracks have great beats and give out downtempo ambience. The feature artists are also amazing, such as Raury and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. I say it’s a cool record.

Hozier by Hozier (2014)
It is such a classy record one shouldn’t miss. His voice is undeniable. It’s such an underrated to only give this musician one nomination, Record of the Year, that is.

In A Perfect World by Kodaline (2013)
I don’t know why critics gave Kodaline’s debut album mixed reviews. I think their album is perfectly fine and sounds nice. A lot of cool tracks, my favorite is a track called “Brand New Day (Acoustic Version) (feat. Nina Nesbitt). It sounds very lovely.

The Pinkprint by Nicki Minaj (2014)
The impact upon the release of this album is almost as powerful as Beyoncé’s self title last year but still amazingly powerful! It’s probably because: 1) of the massive anticipation, 2) it’s the final installment of the “Pink” trilogy, and 3) it’s the amazing Nicki frakking Minaj obviously, duh! The trilogy generally feels like this: “Pink Friday” (2010) is a happy love story and all those butterflies, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” (2012) is a party going wild, and finally “The Pinkprint” is a phase of heartbroken and maturity. This album is all fresh, original, mature, and also genius.


what does it mean to get older? what does it mean to have your life actually be depleted? twenty three years of living and i still don’t have the answers. to live, for me, is a journey without a map. no one and nothing tell us what to do. we find your own clues to keep on going at it. we can be really quick or very slow at collecting it, but that doesn’t matter. in the end is how we evolve, how we learn.

the journey i’ve been doing from my twenty-second year of life until this day is reasonably overwhelming. i have certainly done more things than i did in the previous twenty two years cumulated. and i have certainly been through downfalls a lot more than i had been and been forced to get up real quick. my twenty-second was an undeniably emotion-wrecking one. it felt so good and terrifying at the same time. i can only hope a lot of better things will happen for my twenty-third.

so, what does it mean to get older? what does it mean to have your life actually be depleted? i have no idea about any of those thing. i don’t want to rush. i want every second worths my lifespan and i want every second means the world. i’ll get the answer eventually.

it certainly feels scary, getting old.