• Erdenet Mining Corporation

    Erdenet Mining Corporation is one of the biggest Ore mining and Ore processing factory in Asia EMC was established in accordance with an agreement between governments of Mongolia and former Soviet Union It started its operation in 1978 At present it is a fairly large complex processing 26 million tons of ore per

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  • Erdenet Mining Corporation - Wikipedia

    Erdenet Mining Corporation Mongolian Эрдэнэт үйлдвэр - mining corporation in Erdenet Mongolia The city was built in 1974 to exploit Asia's largest deposit of copper ore and has the fourth largest copper mine in the world The Erdenet Mining Corporation is a joint Mongolian-Russian venture and accounts for a

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  • Erdenet - Wikipedia

    Erdenet is the second-largest city in Mongolia and the capital of the aimag province of Orkhon Officially known as Bayan-Öndör sum Located in the northern part of the country it lies in a valley between the Selenge and Orkhon rivers about 150 miles 241 kilometres as the bird flies northwest of Ulaanbaatar the capital

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  • Развитие методик визиометрического анализа руды нагоке

    The article describes the updated visiometric analyzers of size and mineral composition of ore under processing at Erdenet Mining Corporation and the elements эффективности управления обогатительными процессами является применение методов визиометрического анализа руды и продуктов обогащения

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