a matter of honesty

I say, people are hypocrites. People say they’d rather know the truth even if it hurts than being lied to. Well you know what I’m thinking? That’s the biggest bullshit in the history of mankind. People always say cliche things like I should always be honest with them they’re not gonna hate me for it. But believe me, no matter how nice and sweet I put my words together, you don’t want to hear honesty coming me. When I’m being honest, they always end up saying “You’re the meanest person I know” or “How could you say that to me” or “I hope someday you feel what I’m feeling right now”, and then they end up hating me, and then they tell other people how horrible I am as a person, and so on, and so on, the list of perpetual hates will go on until at one point (if they’re strong enough or they have guts) they will end up bullying me. (if they’re cowards they usually just keep on hating me in secret or badmouthing me behind my back)

So when you say you prefer:
1) knowing the real truth no matter how much it hurts,
2) being lied to and pretend that everything’s fine,
you don’t know shit about what you’re saying.┬áBelieve me you’re gonna wish you chose the second option the moment you’re being told an honesty. People actually love being lied to as long as it keeps them happy. Don’t fuck around with me using your cliche “prefer a hurtful truth” shit. It may break you you’ll never recover.