am sad

It’s seven days before exams. I can feel the pressure creeping beneath my skin. And guess what. I woke up this morning with a febrile. I don’t know what might cause this fever. But I have three possible theories about it:
1) Lack of sleep. Fatigue probably weakens my body.
2) Stress. Being underpressure induces my body to release Cortisol, a a steroid hormone, that can decrease immunity and makes my body vulnerable from diseases. I remember last semester exams, I had a sudden fever on the day of Neurology exam. God it was the worst.
3) Weather. It’s so wet and cold these days. The probability of being underpressure and lacking sleep may cause my body very susceptible to cold. But God, I really don’t want this to get worse.
The possible combinations of the three above and this fever makes me very dizzy. My mind is hyper cloudy. I can’t think clear and feel unhappy. I’ve been in the state of hypotimia these days and I can’t seem to find a way to lighten up my mood.

So I decided to have a warm shower. The feeling of the warm water washing these chills away overwhelmed me with tremble. I got out, got dressed, gave myself an antipyretic, curled on my bed under blanket, and probably would cry myself to sleep. I am sad.