[adj.] —
lasting for a very short time.

The word ephemeral sounds really pretty, doesn’t it? Ephemeral is my second most favourite word. (The number-one favourite word will come out as the 8th post of A Hundred Words project. Probably.)

I fell in love with this word when I watched the 8th episode of my all-time favourite anime, Durarara!! (2010). The episode’s title was called Nankanoyume (南柯之夢), meaning Ephemeral Dream. It is one of the most beautiful phrases I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

I have a very keen affection towards fictional literature. My first encounter with literary works happened when I was 11 years old or so. I found a local classic mystery novel entitled “The Mystery of the Haunted Ship and the Poisonous Blowpipe” (translated) in my grade school’s library. An absurd title, but the story was adventurous and engrossing for me at the time. After that, my literary experience went on building up. I started buying novels, at first mostly fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and romance (JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Dee, Suzanne Colin, Veronica Roth, John Green) but as I grew up my genre preference got more serious topic to deal with (Dan Brown, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami). In my teenage years, these novels influenced me in many ways. I often kind of made up stories in my mind: creating my own universe, coming up with a bunch of unique characters, and adventurous story lines (pretty often romantic too).

These stories were often to come up as a vivid dream. They appeared so good and so real it lingered for long period after I woke up. Normally, when we woke up from sleep, the everyday memories would be flooding our neural circuits in our brain. But these dreams are different, they were so clear almost like it was there in my brain all along and imprinted permanently. I managed to record several of them in a form of writings, like these following posts:

The writings might not be depicting the feeling perfectly due to my raw and primitive writing skill. But these stories were crystal when they were dreams. Sadly all these dreams only lasted for a very short time. They were ephemeral. Now I am in my 20s. Beautiful vivid dreams comes far less frequent. I’m pretty sure I’ve had that kind of dreams every now and then. But the everyday mundane memories are just merciless. They don’t leave any room for blissful dreams once my senses come to reality every morning. Dreams are indeed ephemeral, like every other thing in this world: shooting stars and every wishes ever said, lit-up sparklers and the joyous feelings they bring, life, and everything.

P.S. I have one vivid dream that I haven’t put in a writing form. It was a breathtaking dream. I’m not telling the story in this post because it will be more suitable for the future A Hundred Words project called “celestial”.