Gabrielle Aplin “Through the Ages”

Through the Ages - Single

When I found out about this song, I was basically over the top. She never mentioned about this song in her official site or even in her social media. This English sweetheart is most likely to have released this song only for Japan. “Through the Ages” was actually released on November 27th 2013. From what I heard, this song is bound to be the soundtrack of the upcoming Japanese live-action film, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). The film is based on a manga of the same name which has already been adapted in two season anime television series. The story focuses on a young British lad who once found his house on a fire that killed both his parents. He made a contract with a disguised-as-butler demon who agreed to help the boy getting back at people who caused him misery. I love Aplin very much. I love her voice and her music. But when I first heard the song, several part of the lyrics, such as:

All I lost, and all I am.
All I wanna do is share a smile with you, to run cross the twilight!
Nothing could be true without this love I have for you.
My love will testify, last through the ages…

sounds too lovey-dovey to resemble the relationship between a master and a demon butler. The song would surely make the imaginations among fujoshi (female audiences who love yaoi) run wild!

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