Matt Smith’s and Karen Gillan’s Very Last “Doctor Who” Moment


Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) re-united on Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor. It was the very last episode of Matt Smith portraying The Doctor since season 5 in 2010. Gillan’s character, Amy Pond, actually was trapped in endless time-loop (or might as well died) on mid-season 7, December 2012, in NYC. I literally cried my eyes out back then, and I did again just now. I’ve been fan of this show for 3 years, and Smith and Gillan are, without a doubt, an emotionally iconic pair! Goodbye, Raggedy Man. Goodbye, the Girl Who Waits. Now they’re both no longer on the show, I’m not sure I still have it in me the will to watch season 8 next year. [link out: instagram]